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A lot of you probably had mothers and grandmothers that used to bake the most delicious cherry pies or cherry tarts in the world. If you had access to a cherry tree or two, you may have even spent the summer picking them and eating them right from the trees. Of course, if those cherry trees were of the tart quality, you most likely had to add a bit of sugar or other sweetener to them before eating.

For seasonal reasons, among others, we sometimes substitute the fresh fruit with cherry fruit extract. It really doesn’t matter how you take in your tart cherries. Be it either as fresh fruit, juice or as tart cherry extract – the benefits that your body will appreciate remain the same.

Tart Cherry Extract Benefits

Tart Cherry ExtractOne of the main benefits of ingesting tart cherry extract is the reduction of muscle pain. The reason for this is because of the high amount of anthocyanins containing antioxidant properties. Tart cherry juice is actually quite similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDS, which are generally used by athletes to keep down pain during competition.

Another thing that tart cherries are good for is as an anti-inflammatory agent. It cuts down on inflammation, swelling and oxidative stress. Tart cherry extract has also been known as a traditional home remedy for arthritis.

Believe it or not, cherry extract benefits are also known to help in case if you’ve got an annoying case of insomnia. You may try some tart cherry juice or cherry extract in the evening to help you sleep. There are several studies that proof this. People that were given cherry juice extract later in the evening before bedtime fell asleep more quickly and easily than those that did not.

Drinking a glass of tart cherry juice or taking a dose of the extract can actually improve the overall health in older people and adds to the benefits of tart cherry extract. Since older people are less resistant to oxidative damage, drinking tart cherry juice can improve the situation. A study performed in 2009 showed that consuming tart cherry in liquid form as well amps up the body’s ability for cell damage reparation.

Tart Cherry Extract Side Effects

Just as with anything else, tart cherries, in particular the pure cherry extract can have side effects for some people. For example, if you’ve got hay fever, you might also have sensitivity to cherry tart extract. Symptoms of being allergic to tart cherries are usually oral such as an itchy throat and mouth, as well as ears, and swollen lips. Allergy symptoms only show up if you eat them raw. Cooking them will destroy the allergy causing protein.

Cherry extract can also bring about some gastrointestinal issues due to its acidic nature. You can experience symptoms of stomach upset, diarrhea, and heartburn. That’s why you may want to start out slowly if you’re on a regimen of cherry juice or cherry juice extract.

Another negative aspect of including tart cherry juice or extract in your diet is that there’s not an exact dosage of how much you should ingest. However, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center used two 12 ounce glasses of tart cherry juice daily in their clinical studies. You might want to check with your doctor to see what dose is best for you.

Last, but not least, it’s possible that tart cherry extract or juice might not have the same amount of effectiveness for everyone. For some people, it may work miracles. For others, it may not cause any difference at all.

Just do your research before you add tart cherry extract to your diet. There’s every reason that your health should get an overall boost if you do it the right way. Make sure to also check out our article about tart cherry capsules.

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5 comments on “Tart Cherry Extract

  1. Roxana andrews says:

    i am diabetic would i be safe taking this pill….i have RA, Connective tissue dis, lupus….I have my flares up and at times it is so painful that i get a fever…..

  2. Madeline Sewell says:

    I drink 3 tablespoons of dark tart cherry juice in that morning avg about tree hours later my send and hands start to itch. I don’t mind it if it is not dangerous. Can I ikeep taking it

  3. joseph p brown says:

    I take tramadol everyday for pain and 5mg of prednisone for inflammation do you know if there would be a reaction if I added tart cherry juice extract?

  4. joseph p brown says:

    I did / not ask this Question before do you have any idea if there would be a negative reaction taking tramadol or prednisone and tart cherry extract ?

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