Selecting the Right Cherry Juice

Tart cherry juice is a remedy that more people every day are turning to for relief from gout, insomnia, and arthritis. They’re drinking this rather than taking the traditional medications that are either sold over the counter or prescribed. Because of this, lots of companies are producing their own types of cherry juice products. Where you get confused is when trying to find which type of cherry juice is going to be the best for you. There are 5 main considerations when choosing concentrated tart cherry juice. These are the kind of cherry, the taste, the quality, if it is sediment free, and the way it’s packaged.

Montmorency is the Best Type of Cherry

Tart Cherry Juice AntioxidantsRegarding the kinds of cherries, and what they do, research was conducted on all the varieties of cherries. It was discovered that Montmorency tart cherries have the strongest effect on joint pain from gout and arthritis. The Rainer, Balaton, and black cherries were documented to ease the pain. Just not as effectively as the Montmorency cherry, though. However, this cherry is the most costly of all the cherries.

Taste is Best When Cherry Juice Comes in Glass Bottles

Now, if you’re drinking the cherry juice, the way it tastes is really important. You can buy cherry juice in glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles. Most people would rather have the glass bottles over either of the other two. In fact, consumers have reported that tart cherry juice has a fresher taste when it comes from the glass bottles. That might be due to the glass not being prone to leaching. This is caused when the juice absorbs the plastic molecules inside the bottles.

The Quality of Juice Matters

Obviously, juice quality is going to matter. All cherry juice isn’t packaged exactly alike. When you look for high quality tart cherry juice concentrate, you need to look at the brix level. This means how much sugar content is present in the cherry juice. The highest quality of cherry juice is usually approximately 68 brix. Brix in lower levels usually mean lower quality in the juice.

Watch for Sediment Free Cherry Juice

Sediment free means that you’re not going to see any particles gathering in the bottom of the bottle. This happens often with cherry juice. So look for juices without any sediment in the bottom. Sediment also shows low quality in juice.

Juice Packaging Determines Storage

Last, but not least, is the packaging of the cherry juice. Packaging can be done while cold or hot. When it’s packaged while cold, the juice needs to stay refrigerated until you’re ready to drink it. You’ll usually find these in the store’s cold section. When cherry juice is packaged hot, there’s no need to refrigerate it until you open it.

Consider, too, that you can gain plenty of health benefits just by eating cherries whole. However, concentrated tart cherry juice will be the most effective. That’s due to having the highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity, known as ORAC, of 12,800. Dried cherries are at 6,800. The various types of concentrated cherry juice you can find in stores can be enjoyed right from the bottle, put into sparkling water, or used to mix a smoothie. It really depends on what you’re in the mood for.

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