Fighting Insomnia with Tart Cherry Juice

Some people have a very difficult time getting to sleep at night. A lot of these people resort to taking pills so they can get some sleep. This is one of the worst things you can do for a lot of reasons. To begin with, your body gets used to you taking a pill every night. This causes you to become dependent on that pill both psychologically and physically. Suddenly, you may find yourself having hallucinations because you’re taking too many sleeping pills or taking them more often. Some other unpleasant side effects from taking too many pills can include memory issues, loss of coordination, sleep driving or even thinking of suicide. The good news is that there’s a natural way to deal with your insomnia. It’s known as tart cherry juice for sleep. That’s right! Drink some of this every day and you’ll be back on a good sleeping schedule before you know it.

Does Tart Cherry Juice Help You Sleep?

Tart Cherry Juice to Fight InsomniaTart cherry juice has been the ideal solution for millions of insomniacs. Whether it’s due to depression, chronic diseases, fatigue, stress, or unknown causes, there are plenty of studies to back up the belief that tart cherry juice will promote healthy sleeping habits. It’s all natural and can be put into both food and drinks because it’s also available in capsule form.

The juice of tart cherries has been tested by scientists on adults that have an insomnia problem. These test subjects drank 8 ounces of cherry juice in the morning and then again at night for 15 days in a row. At the end of the 2 weeks, many of the patients were enjoying a good night’s sleep. Scientists believe that this is due to high levels of melatonin that are present in the cherries. Melatonin has been documented as helping people relax enough to go to sleep. This helps them be more alert and rested the next day. Some people only needed a few days of the cherry juice treatment to be able to start sleeping easily at night.

If you’re looking for a healthy and tasty alternative to soda, try adding some sparkling water to concentrated cherry juice. Fans of cherry cola can add the cherry juice to a cola and enjoy the taste along with the healthy benefits the cherry juice provides. Eating dried or frozen cherries can also help with insomnia because they’ve been documented as boosting the body’s natural melatonin. As long as you consume cherries regularly, your natural sleep cycle will regulate and you’ll fall asleep more quickly.

While tart cherry juice can cure insomnia, it can also help with other things. For example, this juice can aid you in weight control along with preventing high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Along with those benefits, tart cherry juice can help the pain of gout and arthritis. Muscle pain that comes with exercising hard and running is also significantly lowered when you drink cherry juice every day for one week. People that drink this juice also claim to have more energy.

So, if you find yourself having trouble falling asleep every night, start on a regimen of tart cherry juice. Before you know it, you’ll be sleeping soundly as the fruit juice, concentrate or extracts is one of the best natural sleep aids around.

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