Tart Cherry Juice and Its Health Benefits

Sixty percent of the cherries grown in the United States are produced in Michigan, which carries the name “Cherry Capital of the World.” The state earned this nickname because of all the cherries they export annually. It seems that people worldwide have discovered the many benefits that cherries offer to one’s overall health. These benefits are varied and powerful.

Tart Cherry Juice Contains Anti-oxidants and Anti-inflammatory Agents

Tart Cherry JuiceBecause of this, taking concentrated tart cherry juice can deliver a good amount of Anthocyanins to a person’s body. Many medical studies have confirmed and documented that eating cherries can boost a body’s health significantly. Even more effective is consuming tart cherry juice concentrate.

Cherries offer plenty of anti-oxidants including, according to Michigan State University studies, Anthocyanin, which is an anti-inflammatory agent. There are more than 300 kinds of Anthocyanins, but the specific kind cherries contain is uniquely powerful when it comes to fighting off inflammation. That’s why it’s particularly effective in treating arthritis and gout pain. Anthocyanin seems to be able to block the brain’s pain signals that can cause certain parts of the body to become inflamed. Read on here to learn how tart cherry juice can be helpful in reducing joint pains from Arthritis and Gout for example.

Tart Cherry Juice is Good for Your Sleep

Something you may have heard a good deal about is Melatonin. Now, the pineal gland located at the base of the brain makes its own Melatonin but not everyone has enough of it. That’s why tart cherries are a great way to get that extra Melatonin that the body may need from time to time. That’s why you can increase your body’s levels of Melatonin by simply drinking some tart cherry juice daily. This is good for your body because Melatonin supplements help combat insomnia by helping you fall asleep and stay that way, which means you’ll feel well rested the next day. You can also get Melatonin with frozen and dried cherries along with cherry juice. When you add cherries to your daily diet, it can regulate your natural sleep cycle while improving your sleep quality. Here the details of how tart cherry juice fights insomnia.

More Tart Cherry Health Benefits

Whole cherries have high levels of anti-inflammatory agents, cancer fighting perillyl, anti-oxidants, limonene alcohol, Vitamins A, C and E along with magnesium, iron, potassium, beta carotene, and foliate. In addition to the other health benefits of cherries, they also give athletes the needed energy to compete. Some studies have even shown that cherry juice helps in the prevention of cell damage, certain cancers, heart disease and the warding off of heart attacks. The cherry may even be called a super food.

Juice, Tablets, Concentrates and Tart Cherry Extracts

You can obtain cherries in many forms. There’s concentrated tart cherry juice with 12,800 oxygen radical absorbance capacity, or ORAC. You can also get dried cherries with 6,800 ORAC. Frozen cherries have 2,033 ORAC, and canned cherries offer just 1,700 ORAC. When tart cherries dissolve, they prevent the buildup of uric acid crystals in the body’s joints, which causes gout. Cherry juice can also repair any joint damage. While fresh cherries offer the ultimate in health benefits overall, concentrated cherry juice is more effective in treating arthritis, insomnia and gout.

There are no limits to the ways you can enjoy your cherries. They can be baked or cooked as well as used to make refreshing smoothies. Mix concentrated tart cherry juice with sparkling water and you’ve got a natural and tasty soda. If you’re trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, cherries should definitely be on the list. Finally, here are our tart cherry recipes you will like.

2 comments on “Tart Cherry Juice and Its Health Benefits

  1. Elsie Crean says:

    Wanted to know what the difference is between cold pressed tart cherry juice and concentrated tart cherry juice. Which is better for you? What is the best type to give you the most benefit?

  2. Cherry man says:

    Concentrate is higher in anti oxidants and gives you the equivalent to 64 tart cherries per 30ml serve. Cold press is not concentrated and is derived from pressing or squeezing the cherry. Concentrate is thick like syrup and is usually 64 brix.

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